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проектиране, решения и реализация в специализираните отрасли на въздухотехниката, квалифициран избор на устройства и приложения, пряка продажба на машините, технологични комплекти и материали, решения за филтриращи, измиващи и почистващи процеси, мониторинг и други дългосрочни услуги, задгранични представителства
» Повече информация за фирма ENVISS PRODUCTS®vision

Ние сме консултантско-технологично и търговско дружество. Ние сме професинална фирма в областта на решаването и комплексните доставки на всички отрасли на промишлената и комерсиална въздухотехника. Индивидуалните доставки и доставките в инвестиционните единици и стратегическите проекти се предоставят по изцяло точен и модерен начин.>>>още

Всички машини, които доставя нашата фирма, са подложени на внимателен избор, а производителите – на нашия одит. Нашия приоритет не е да се обвържем, а следователно да обвържем и клиента, с конкретна марка, а да предоставим най-вече оптимализирани решения в областта на миялните, метящите машини, промишлени прахосмукачки, производствени и други машини.>>>още

Нашия продукт е основан на това, че доставчиците на инвестиционни единици носят голяма отговорност, работят с времето, имат нужда от решения до ключ на различни части от доставката, трябва да бъде осигурен сервизът и услугите, имаме опит, ако искаме дългосрочно сътрудничество, трябва да бъдем надежден доставчик.>>>още


Swoboda CZ Ltd. Jihlava decided for the vacuum cleaner KW1118

March 2013 -  One of the leading producers of components for the automotive industry, the company Swoboda CZ Ltd. the plant in Jihlava, solved their problem with vacuuming remnants of plastic and metal parts including oil collection facilities in modern production facilities, which has dozens of orders throughout the area of manufacturing plants. The production of high-end parts from a combination of materials (plastic and metal) with the use of electronics for cars brings with it great responsibility and high standards of cleanliness and precision manufacturing. The products Swoboda CZ forms the interface between the mechanical parts and electronics, and protects sensitive electronic components from the effects of shock, heat, water, oil and dust. Thanks to the exact specification of their requirements and extensive experience of the international team of specialists of ENVISS PRODUCTS® vision got Swoboda CZ Ltd. solution almost immediately with the same speed and efficiency in decision making proposed solution of ENVISS PRODUCTS® vision in the form of a vacuum cleaner KW1118 they accepted and the problem resolved. (pictures inside)

We are pleased to announce that the company "nkt cables"...

February 2013...becomes our customer. Production of installation, power, halogen-free, ignition, communication cables, car wires and cables in such large volumes, which nkt cables Ltd. achieves naturally entails a corresponding amount of the needs and requirements of internal and external influences. We were asked about the solution of the sofisticated extraction of hydrophobic powder used for cable insulation, which is an essential part of production. This is a very delicate and difficult to handle by a segment which can not always extract using only conventional filtration media and systems. The primary task became to ensure dust free operation isolation booths production technology. Powder originally escaped to other production areas and threatened its quality and of course the quality of the working environment, automatically permanently increased financial costs both to protect its own production, as well as cleaning and maintenance, energy consumption as well as for the protection of health at work. nkt cables received from ENVISS PRODUCTS vision and investment absolutely technically optimized, modern and reliable solution for a fully automated extraction and filtration equipment, with a minimum of maintenance and operating costs. We guarantee that the filters are not supplied by us several years neither need special maintenance or replacement. The annual savings will go to tens of thousands. Thanks to nkt cables for serious negotiations throughout the implementation of our business and wish you much success in the business. (pictures inside)